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booker t.

armed robbery


The former professional wrestler and commentator Booker T. was born on the first of March in the year 1965 with the real name of Robert Booker Tio Huffman. He was the eighth and the youngest child, both of his parents died when he was 14 years of age. It was his brother who raised him and his other siblings. During his high school years he played the drums as well as basketball and football.

His only arrest landed him in jail, it was before he became famous. Booker and some other Wendy’s  ex-employees committed armed robberies in some chains of the famous restaurant. They wore their old Wendy’s uniforms, Booker and three others were caught and charged. Booker was sentenced to a five-year prison time. He was released after serving 1/3 of his time, being paroled in the year 1992.

Booker reportedly had a real life fight with his fellow wrestler Batista. Apparently Dave Batista was bragging about his rapid success and fame in the sport. Though a lot of wrestlers did not like the boasting, it was Booker who spoke his mind which led to an alleged bloody and bruise-filled fight. Booker gained the praise of fellow wrestlers for honestly voicing his concern about Batista’s attitude.

Booker won a lot of championships during his time including the Global Wrestling Federation Championship which he won three times. He gained 35 titles in WCW and TNA. In WCW, he received twenty-one titles.

He started his career in wrestling by enrolling in a wrestling school after loaning 3,000 USD from his boss in the company he was working for that time. He was trained by Scott Casey. He was married in 1996 but divorced after five years. He remarried in the year of 2005 and had twins in 2010. He has owned a wrestling school with his brother since 2005.