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Julian Assange is one of the most controversial journalists and activists in the modern era. He is best known for his work in WikiLeaks  – a website that supplies free information of newsleaks, sensitive information, and political and social secrecies provided by unnamed sources and whistleblowers.

Born on July 3, 1971 in Queensland, Australia, Assange grew up travelling across Australia along with his mother. His biography states that he moved thirty times before turning 14 years old and attended many schools. Assange and his mother eventually settled in Melbourne, at the time when he was 16 or 17 years old.

At the young age of 16, Julian Assange began his career as a hacker, under the name "Mendax". Together with two other hackers, they formed the group International Subversives . He first encountered his legal battle in 1991, when he was caught in the act of hacking the Canadian telecommunications company, Nortel. The Australian authorities raided his house in Melbourne where it was also discovered that he had illegal access to a local university, and other organizations including Pentagon’s USAF 7th Command Group.

Assange pleaded guilty in 1995 for 21 counts of hacking but he was eventually released for a fine after the judge proclaimed that no legal misconduct can be found and Assange’s actions were deemed as a “pleasure in surfing the internet”.

His career in WikiLeaks started in 2006. He is listed as the director of the website but he prefers to call himself Editor-in-Chief instead. He is the most prominent figure on the website and acts as a spokesperson in public appearances. The media dubbed him “Australia’s most infamous former hacker” after the Nortel incident.

The website has released a lot of controversies including killings in Kenya, Baghdad and other government-related classified info, but Assange made headlines upon releasing 251, 287 US diplomatic cables. The incident is widely known as Cablegate . Because of Assange’s huge involvement, the US Department of Justice started a criminal investigation which eventually led to subpoena issue, ordering Twitter and other online sites to release Assange’s personal info.

In 2010, Assange was in questioned for rape and sexual harassment charges involving two women in two separate occasions. His lawyer requested political asylum which was then granted by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London .