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jack kevorkian

second-degree murder



Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a Pathologist and was dubbed as Dr. Death for actively participating or performing certain measures in assisted euthanasia. The doctor made use of his medical knowledge to help terminally ill patients put their lives to an end. He successfully assisted in the death of 130 people, however it is claimed only forty percent of which were actually terminally ill at the time they asked for Dr. Kevorkian’s help.

Jack set to spend 10-25 years in jail but was released due to his health problems. His parole was granted with certain conditions. The doctor was instructed that he could no longer continue in performing assisted euthanasia. He suffered from Hepatitis C which was probably acquired from his blood transfusion experiments. This illness later progressed into liver cancer. He also had lung and kidney problems; he was admitted to the hospital in 2011. Kevorkian died at William Beaumont Hospital on June 3, 2011.

The doctor’s lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger said that those who sought for Kevorkian’s assistance have all taken the final step in ending their lives through making use of certain euthanasia devices such as the Mercitron and the as Thanatron. The mercitron is a euthanasia assistive device which delivers carbon monoxide via face mask. The thanatron delivers drugs through the veins with the push of a button.

The doctor once proposed that prisoners in the death row should undergo euthanasia so that their organs can be used by patients who need organ transplants at certain hospitals. He also suggested that the same people should also be used for medical experiments, but his proposals weren’t approved. He also performed a medical experiment which involved transfusing blood from a dead person to a living one, it was proven to work. He believed that it would have been very useful during the war.