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On September 3, 1965, a star was born. Carlos Irwin Estevez also known as Charlie Sheen is the youngest son of Martin Sheen, an actor and Janet Templeton, an artist. With acting and arts in his blood, it’s no wonder Charlie found himself in the same industry as his father.

His debut on the big screen was in Red Dawn, a 1984 movie. He starred together with other “to-become” famous actors such as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It was in a 1986 movie entitled Platoon that Sheen finally bagged the title role.

In 2003 Charlie was cast as the lead actor in what was to become a hugely successful television series called Two and a Half Men. This show made Charlie the highest paid TV star per episode. However, in 2011, Sheen was fired from this sitcom by Warner Bros. because of grave misbehavior.

Substance abuse had been one of the issues that Sheen had been battling for some time. He underwent several rehabilitation programs over the years. In addition, he has also made several trips to jail due to different criminal offenses, such as possession of illegal drugs and assaulting Brooke Mueller, his then wife in 2009.

In spite of the many issues that Sheen had to face over the years he has found time for others in need. He became a part of several different charitable institutions and charitable programs over the years. CHERUBS and USO are just a couple of institutions that Sheen has supported.