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amy winehouse

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Amy Jade Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983. She was a singer and songwriter, famous for her deep contralto voice. Her genre of music includes jazz, R&B and soul.

Before her death in July 23 of 2011, the talented Winehouse had long been struggling with substance abuse issues and would at times display violent behavior.

In the year 2006, the singer admitted that she attacked a female fan for criticizing her choice of husband. She punched the woman in the face and even hit her husband right on the crotch with her knee when he tried to console her.

The following year, she and her husband were arrested for possession of marijuana in Norway. The next year, she was cautioned after she admitted to hitting a man. She went to the authorities of her own free will. She stayed there overnight. A month after the incident, she was again arrested after she was seen in a video and was allegedly smoking cocaine. After a few hours Winehouse was released as the police could not clearly see in the video whether or not she was actually smoking.

In the year 2009, Amy was arrested once again for common assault. A woman accused Winehouse of hitting her right in the eye during a charity ball in the year 2008. The singer was also allegedly reported to have hit a photographer with her head and spat on Pippa Middleton. In that same year, she was also charged with a public order offence after she assaulted a manager of a theatre when he asked her to leave her seat.

Winehouse was known for her charitable works and her generosity, especially charities that supported children.