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Carmen Electra



Carmen Electra was born with the name Tara Leigh Patrick on the 29th day of July, in the year 1972. She is an actress, singer and glamour model.

In 1999 the then 27-year-old actress and model was charged with battery after a fight with ex-husband Dennis Rodman. The fight happened at The Bentley Hotel. The two were released after a few hours with bail of 2,500USD. Neither of them pressed for further charges though they were told to stay at least five-hundred feet away from one another. Their attorney said that the arrest was just an overreaction on the part of the authorities. The attorney also added that the ex-couple told him it was just a misunderstanding. The two were arrested after police officers responded to reports of a fight with a lot of screaming in The Bentley Hotel in Miami. Both were arrested at around seven o’clock in the morning.

Carmen acheaved fame with men accorss the world from her regular appearances in the famous mens magazine, Playboy. From year 1997 to 1998, she acted in several episodes of the hit TV show Baywatch. She has also appeared in movies like American Vampire, Scary Movie 4, Date Movie and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 amongst other films. Carmen supports several charity organizations, she has organized a fundraising event for an organization called Head Hollywood which supports individuals who have survived a brain tumor.

She is also a supporter of a charity called Elevate Hope that helps abused and abandoned kids. Another charity is the Hollyrod Foundation that gives medical, emotional and physical support, to those who have Parkinson’s disease and other conditions of the similar nature.