Andy Dick


Andy Dick

hit and run



Andrew Roane Dick, is an actor, musician, film producer, TV producer and comedian. He is known for his outlandish behavior, both in public and entertainment shows. Andy was adopted right after his birth. He grew up with Sue and Allen Dick.

His legal problems started in 1999 when his car crashed directly into a utility pole. He was then charged with DUI (or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), hit-and-run and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. The Star pleaded guilty for the possession of cannabis and cocaine. The Charges were dropped after eighteen months of a drug diversion program. Once again, in the year 2004, Andy was done for possession of marijuana when he attended a music festival. A month later, he pleaded “not guilty”. After only six months he was once again arrested after he exposed his buttocks at one of his local branches of McDonald’s.

In year 2007, he was caught urinating in public. Before the year ended, authorities visited him at home after they received complaints that the actor kept on throwing bottles of beer into the yard next door. By 2008, he was arrested one more time after he was accused of sexual battery. He allegedly exposed a woman’s breasts by pulling on her top. When he was inspected, a small amount of alprazolam, which has no prescription, and cannabis were found in his possession. He pleaded guilty to both the battery and the possession charges.

In 2010, he was charged with sexual abuse after he groped a patron and a bartender of a bar. Andy pleaded “not guilty” and the judge gave him a pre-trial diversion of six months, saying that if he could stay out of trouble in that range of time, the charges against him would be dismissed.

There were other cases that Andy has been involved in, one of them is groping Tera Partrick, a porn actress, during a pornographic movie awards ceremony.